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I’ve always wanted to become a motorcyclist, since I was a child.
I made my dream come true and today I like to think that I contribute to the dream of other passionate people like me.

In my shop you can rent a beautiful motorbike for a day, a weekend or a week: I guarantee that the thrill, the emotion of riding a Ducati is unique. La Ducatessa: today my universe has a name that represents me. A shop where you can rent and buy Ducati motorcycles, but also helmets, accessories, specialized clothing for men, women and children, objects and original creations and crafts.

It is a place to meet, exchange information, experiences and advices.
A place that means “home” for those who, like me, Ducati is a way of life.

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The weather should be sunny.
The heart says travel.

Let’s go for a drive! Rent a Ducati, wear a Nolan helmet and enjoy an incredibly exciting vacation.
LaDucatessa’s discount: a free sportcam for the whole trip!

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Two hearts and one Ducati

A day of pure pleasure. Give the love of your life 24 hours of shivering, riding a Ducati.
LaDucatessa’s discount: the rental of the second helmet is free!

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A week of centaurs, riding a Ducati. A group of friends, a fabulous destination, asphalt to grind under the wheels. This is vacation, of course.
Book now and start dreaming right away …

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